The comprehensive variety of patterns, styles and sizes available have been designed to work together in your home as a total system. Pittsburgh Corning stands behind all PC GlassBlock units when used exclusively with other PC GlassBlock units and accessories by offering a limited five-year warranty.

End Blocks
EndBlock® Finishing Unit
The rounded, finished surface on one edge of these blocks makes them virtually disappear when used vertically or horizontally on the edges of panels, walls or dividers.
Hedron® I Corner Block
The hexagonal shape of this corner block makes it perfect for turning 90 degree corners in projects such as partition walls. It is available in two sizes in the DECORA® pattern.
Tridron 45 degree Block® Units
The unique shape of this block lets you create everything from 45 degree angles to full circles. It's available in the 8" inch size in both DECORA® and VUE® patterns.
Encurve® Finishing Unit
With arched, soft edges to round out your design options or finish panels. Use with 8"x 8" ENDBLOCK® Finishing Units for a stepped panel.
8" Arque® Block
Available in the Premiere Series in the DECORA® Pattern. This block turns a 22 degree angle allowing a soft radius turn without large mortar joints.
End block 6x8
6x8 Finished Endblock®
Available in the Premiere Series in the DECORA® Pattern. This new size gives a finished block to 6"x8" and ARQUE® Block with a same size block.

Special Shapes Now Available In Icescapes® Pattern
The IceScapes is a good privacy block with a random non linear pattern.

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