Introducing the new IceScapes® pattern from Pittsburgh Corning Glass Block

At first glance, it's easy to see what led us to create our new IceScapes® pattern. There simply are few things quite as strikingly beautiful as ice. And we wanted to capture the intriguing, light catching beauty of crushed ice to make an exciting new glass block pattern. The unique, crystalline beauty of our new IceScapes® pattern will definitely bring a distinctive elegance to your designs.

For all of its beauty, our new IceScapes® pattern is as practical as any of our Premiere Series patterns. It offers the perfect balance of maximum light transmittance and a high level of privacy. But the real inspiration for our new IceScapes® pattern lies much deeper than its surface beauty. It comes from our dedication to helping architects like you build bright, beautiful buildings that fit real world needs - and capture the imagination. At Pittsburgh Corning, we're constantly looking deeper to expand the possibilities of Pittsburgh Corning Glass Block, and help you grow your business.

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